When servicing the tyres (working on the brakes), the car workshop is legally obliged to point out the necessity of retightening the wheel bolts to the customer. Accordingly, after driving 50 to 100 km the wheel bolts must be tightened crosswise with the correct torque. If the workshop fails to provide this information it is liable for the consequent damage.

Tighten the wheel bolts

The 573091 pack contains two different warning contacts with a different socket and pads with a different drilled hole.

Brake pads with various warning contacts

Unevenly worn brake pads

If the more heavily worn brake pad is on the outside of the brake caliper (floating caliper) this may be due to jammed or sluggish  sliding sleeves. Please ensure that the appropriate lubricant paste is used for the sliding sleeves.

Bedding specifications for BMW vehicles

To correctly bed-in brakes after work on the brakes, i.e. after replacing brake discs and brake pads, these must be run in.


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